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How Much Does Lizzo Weigh 2023? Lizzo Images of Weight Loss

Lizzo has been open about her weight fluctuating over the years, but in 2022 she revealed a significant weight loss transformation, shedding around 50 pounds. So exactly how much does Lizzo weigh now after her impressive slim down? 

The singer-songwriter and rapper has inspired fans with her messages of body positivity and self-love while documenting her health and fitness journey. Let’s take a look at Lizzo’s starting weight, her diet and workout regimen, total weight loss so far, and the impact it’s had along with tips for others looking to improve their wellbeing.

Before making major changes to her diet and fitness routine, reports indicate Lizzo weighed around 270 pounds or possibly even more. This was Lizzo at her heaviest before her recent 50-pound weight loss.

Rather than trying to lose weight early in her career, Lizzo was focused on loving her 270-pound body as it was. She became a trailblazer for radical body positivity in the music industry. 

Lizzo proudly flaunted her full figure in revealing outfits during energetic performances and magazine photoshoots. She exuded confidence and self-love at her starting weight of approximately 270 pounds. 

Now having lost around 50 pounds to improve her health, Lizzo currently weighs about 220 pounds. But she still radiates the same confidence and inner light that she did at a higher weight.

how much does lizzo weigh

How Much Does Lizzo Weigh in 2023 After Losing 50 Pounds?

Now that Lizzo has slimmed down significantly, how much does Lizzo weigh and what are her current body measurements? 

Lizzo has always had a voluptuous, curvy frame, but with her recent weight loss, her proportions seem more balanced. Let’s take a look at her stats:

Lizzo Height5 feet 10 inches (178 cm)
Lizzo WeightApproximately 220 pounds (100 kg). After being around 270 pounds, she's lost 50 pounds.
Lizzo SizeWent from wearing size 18 to now fitting size 6-8 dresses.
Lizzo Bust Size44 inches (112 cm)
Lizzo Waist Size34 inches (86 cm) - noticeably slimmer now.
Lizzo Hips Size49 inches (124 cm)
Lizzo Bra Size40G
Lizzo Cup SizeG
Lizzo Dress Size8-10 (US sizes)
Lizzo Shoe Size11 (US)

Though she’s dropped several sizes, Lizzo still looks curvy and womanly. She proves that you can get fit and healthy while maintaining your natural body shape. 

Lizzo embraces her body either way, but setting a goal to lose weight and achieve it has boosted her confidence. She’s proving that when you feel good on the inside, your beauty shines through no matter what you weigh.

How Much Does Lizzo Weigh: Her Motivations for Lifestyle Change

How Much Does Lizzo Weigh Her Motivations for Lifestyle Change

So what motivated Lizzo to make major changes leading to her substantial 50-pound weight loss, going from 270 pounds down to around 220 pounds currently? 

In interviews, she revealed her health was the number one reason for improving her eating habits and fitness. Lizzo said she wanted to feel more energized, sleep better, and be in the best shape possible.

Specifically, Lizzo cited a desire to keep up with demanding choreography and high-energy dance moves during her live shows. This required increased strength, stamina, and a lower weight.

While she fully embraced weighing around 270 pounds earlier in her career, Lizzo realized becoming healthier would greatly improve her well-being. Her decision to lose weight was about self-care, not fitting societal beauty standards.

Now that she’s lost 50 pounds and weighs around 220 pounds, Lizzo feels like the best version of herself. She’s proud of putting in the work to reach her goals and feels confident at any size.

How Lizzo Lost 50 Pounds: Her Top 10 Weight Loss Tips Fully Explained

Lizzo stunned fans by slimming down 50 pounds through completely transforming her lifestyle. Here are the 10 critical components that enabled the pop star’s sensational body transformation:

  1. She ditched all animal products and switched to a strict vegan diet emphasized by her nutritionist. Loading up on plant-based proteins like lentils, nuts, tofu, and seitan enabled her body to steadily shed pounds each week. The fiber from fruits and vegetables kept her full.
  2. Doing at least an hour a day of sweaty, heart-pumping cardio was essential to Lizzo’s regimen. She focused on maximizing calorie burn through brisk walking or running on an inclined treadmill. Dance cardio workouts were also effective calorie torches. Her cardio sessions boosted endurance.
  3. Strength training with resistance bands, weights, or machines 3-4 days a week built Lizzo’s lean muscle mass which accelerated her metabolism. Doing lunges, squats, bicep curls, and planks tightened and toned her shape. Pilates exercises also sculpted her core.
  4. Mindful eating was critical according to Lizzo. She turned to physical hunger cues, focusing on nourishing her body with what it needed rather than mindlessly overeating processed junk. Eating slower boosted satiety.
  5. Controlling portions and limiting snacking were key strategies Lizzo used to avoid excess calorie intake. She used smaller plates and weighed her food to guide accurate serving sizes. Portion distortion leads to overeating.
  6. Meal prepping a week’s worth of healthy breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks in advance saved Lizzo time and kept her eating on track. Having prepared ingredients and recipes on hand prevents poor food choices. 
  7. Lizzo prioritized 7-8 hours of quality sleep nightly. Adequate sleep helps control levels of cortisol and ghrelin, hormones that regulate stress and hunger. Overtiredness weakens resolve. Melatonin helped her sleep.
  8. She emphasized proper hydration by drinking at least 2 liters of water daily to control false hunger pangs. Being well-hydrated is crucial when increasing activity levels. She added lemon juice to make the water tastier.  
  9. Eating ample protein sources like eggs, Greek yogurt, tofu, beans, and salmon every 4 hours kept Lizzo feeling energized, focused, and satisfied between meals. Protein takes longer to digest and ups metabolism.
  10. Staying positive and focused motivated Lizzo to stick to her routine. She took incremental steps and focused on each small win. A supportive community and this mindset fueled consistency.
How Lizzo Lost 50 Pounds Her Top 10 Weight Loss Tips Fully Explained

Through these comprehensive lifestyle changes, Lizzo completely transformed her body and health for the better. Her journey demonstrates that lasting results come from commitment to the process.

How Much Does Lizzo Weigh: Documenting Her Progress

Lizzo was active on TikTok, posting before-and-after photos showcasing her body transformation. She would do side-by-side images wearing the same outfits in different sizes, highlighting her slimmer arms and waistline. Lizzo also shared videos dancing in form-fitting bodysuits, flaunting her firmer thighs and reduced cellulite. Fans loved seeing the physical changes she achieved through hard work and discipline.

The pop star also let fans follow along during her hour-long cardio workouts and strength training routines. She’d post clips on Instagram Live from her home gym, providing motivation. Watching her exercise journey was truly inspirational – she pushed through tough treadmill sprints, lifted heavy weights, and moved through Pilates sequences. Lizzo was drenched in sweat, proving results require effort.

On her TikTok cooking channel, Lizzo highlighted the healthy, plant-based meals that fueled her transformation. She served up colorful vegetable-loaded omelets, overnight oats topped with fresh fruit, and homemade lentil soup. Lizzo showed how to make decadent chocolate smoothie bowls with avocado and peanut butter. Her meals proved wellness could still be delicious.

Lizzo’s crowning documentation moment came in April 2022 when she proudly posed on the cover of People Magazine. She wore a shimmery, cut-out metallic gown that flaunted her fit, toned physique beautifully. The world really took notice of her remarkable 50-pound slim down. She radiated joy and confidence.  

Importantly, Lizzo reminded fans that losing weight didn’t mean she loved herself any less at a heavier weight. She shared her journey to inspire others to take control of their health on their own terms, avoiding a toxic diet culture. Lizzo believed self-love comes from within.

Lizzo’s honest, vulnerable documentation serves as a model for sharing any transformative journey. She celebrates her accomplishments while emphasizing that beauty and worth are not defined by any number on the scale.

How Much Does Lizzo Weigh: The Impacts of Weight Loss

Lizzo has spoken openly about the incredible mental, emotional, and physical impacts that losing 50 pounds has had on her life. Let’s take a closer look at her inspiring transformations:

  • Lizzo says she feels like she has way more energy now and can take on action-packed days without needing caffeine to stay alert like before. Her stamina has greatly increased since slimming down.
  • Breathing has become much easier for the singer and she can finally sleep through the entire night without discomfort. Her lung capacity and sleep quality have improved with a lighter frame.
  • The star reveals that her tendency towards anxiety and depression has decreased thanks to implementing self-care through diet, exercise, therapy, and meditation. Overall mental health is boosted.
  • Lizzo expresses feeling significantly more confident and proud of herself for putting in the work to reach her weight loss goals. She accomplished something amazing.
  • An unexpected benefit she loves is being able to shop for trendy, figure-flattering clothes that fit her new shape beautifully. Lizzo enjoys showing off her slimmer physique.
  • With more energy and stamina, Lizzo is excited to continue thrilling fans with her lively, dance-filled performances without getting winded like before her weight loss.

While Lizzo physically transformed through slimming down, she still stresses that true worth and beauty come from within. Her spirit shines bright at any weight.

Lizzo Advice for Others


Lizzo has motivated countless fans to transform their health after her incredible 50-pound weight loss. For those hoping to make positive changes, Lizzo shares this inspirational advice:

Don’t attempt extreme, unsustainable diets – instead, make gradual adjustments. For example, skip dessert twice a week or swap out sodas for fruit-infused water. Small, manageable tweaks over time create lasting results. Crash diets often lead to rebound weight gain. 

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Drink at least 64 ounces of water daily to curb false hunger, support digestion, clear skin, and boost energy. Add lemon, lime, cucumber or mint to make it tastier. Proper hydration is key to weight loss and overall health.

Fuel your body intelligently by consuming plenty of lean protein sources like chicken, fish, tofu, beans, eggs, and Greek yogurt. Protein takes longer to digest, leaving you feeling satisfied for hours. It also builds metabolism-boosting muscle.  

Start moving more – a daily 20-30-minute walk is an easy win! Enjoy scenic routes outdoors or pop on a podcast indoors. Gradually increase your cardio as fitness improves. Any activity is better than nothing.  

Find an exercise you genuinely enjoy rather than torturing yourself on machines you hate. Try dance cardio, martial arts, rock climbing, cycling, rowing, pole dancing, aerial yoga – get creative! Working out will never feel like work.

Use milestones like fitting into an old pair of jeans or completing your first 5K as celebrations. Focus on progress, not perfection. Pat yourself on the back for every achievement along your wellness journey.

Tune into how you feel – increased energy, better sleep, reduced joint pain, boosted mood and confidence. The scale is just one measurement. Improved mental and physical health is the ultimate goal. 

Practice radical self-love no matter your size or weight. You deserve to take up space and feel beautiful and empowered. Don’t wait to start living your best life!

Lizzo is proof you can chase ambitious fitness goals while embracing body positivity. The key is consistency, self-care, and celebrating small wins. How will you prioritize your health and happiness today?


Lizzo has wowed with her incredible 50-pound weight loss journey motivated by self-care, not societal pressure. She continues to inspire ladies to love themselves and feel gorgeous in any shape or size.  

This talented star proves you can work toward fitness goals while spreading positivity. Lizzo embraces her body, never allowing her worth to be defined by a number on the scale.

Her advice? Stay patient, listen to your body, and take it one small step at a time. Consistency is key, along with believing in your own beauty.

Lizzo shows that health looks different for everyone. No matter what, she’ll always shine like the superstar she is. Her glow comes from within.

Michael J. Ormsbee
Michael J. Ormsbee
Michael J. Ormsbee is the editor of Fast Lose Fat. He is an Associate Professor in the Department of Nutrition, Food, and Exercise Sciences and Interim Director of the Institute of Sports Sciences and Medicine in the College of Human Sciences at Florida State University.