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Seeing Results: 15 Noom Before and After Success Stories

The Noom weight loss program has become widely popular in recent years, with many users sharing their dramatic before and after photos documenting their Noom before and after transformations. Noom promotes sustainable, gradual fat loss through personalized psychology-based coaching. Examining some amazing Noom before and after examples showcases how this approach can lead to life-changing results when users stick to the program consistently. The visible contrast in users’ before and after pics demonstrates Noom’s ability to help people achieve their weight loss goals through behavioral changes.


How Noom Leverages Psychology for the Sustainable Weight Loss Success Seen in User Noom Before and Afters 

Unlike extreme crash dieting, Noom focuses on gradual, maintainable weight loss of just 1-2 pounds per week. It does this through teaching users smarter dietary strategies, boosting activity levels, developing lasting healthy habits and overcoming mental hurdles through cognitive behavioral therapy techniques. Those sharing their noom before and after stories often highlight the psychology aspect as key to their transformations.

Noom users get a personalized daily calorie target and suggested meal plan to follow for steady fat burning. The app provides a food database and barcode scanner to log meals and stay within their budget. Tracking calories consumed and burned allows people to create the necessary 3,500 calorie deficit for about 1 pound of weekly loss. Noom also integrates with fitness trackers and encourages getting more active through daily step goals and exercise tips. All this data provides accountability.

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In addition to calorie counting, Noom focuses heavily on psychology and behavior modification. Users go through courses teaching cognitive and behavioral strategies to identify emotional eating triggers, understand motivation, manage stress, adjust thought patterns and develop skills for long-term weight management. This cognitive approach sets it apart from standard diet plans.

Noom assigns a personal coach to every user to provide individualized guidance, troubleshooting when they go off track, and motivation to stick with the program. The group support system lets members share advice and inspiration as they work towards their goals. Ongoing accountability and education is key for slimming down and keeping the weight off.

This psychology-driven method aims to reprogram users’ mindsets, attitudes and habits around food, exercise, and stress long after they finish losing weight. Noom tries to set people up for lasting success instead of temporary rapid loss followed by regaining pounds when old habits return. Those who share their before and after transformations using Noom often attribute their ability to maintain results to the cognitive lessons and lifestyle changes learned through the app.

Seeing Inspiring Weight Loss Transformations in Noom Users’ Noom Before and After Pictures

One compelling way to understand Noom’s true impact on people’s lives is to look closely at users’ noom before and after photos documenting their weight loss journeys. These striking before and after picture comparisons showcase incredible body and health transformations among people who sticks to Noom’s program.

Many Noom users lose between 15-30 pounds through the program, allowing them to reach a much healthier and comfortable size and shape. Their unflattering noom before and after shots often reveal expanded waistlines, lack of muscle tone, low confidence and vitality. But after dedicating 6+ months of effort using Noom’s customized game-like curriculum, very noticeable fat reduction becomes visible in their after photos – especially around stubborn areas like the stomach, hips, thighs and face. More toned, strong physiques emerge and replace the softness as users become fitter.

Even more dramatic noom before and after transformations on Noom display overweight and obese people losing upwards of 80-100 pounds or more over the course of a year by embracing the program’s lifestyle changes. Their obese before bodies become strikingly leaner and thinner, with impressive inch loss leading to the need for completely new wardrobes. Sagging excess skin often tightens up as users reshape their bodies. These stunning and life-changing makeovers require intense work, perseverance and inner willpower, but truly demonstrate the remarkable potential of committing to Noom.

Amanda’s 82-Pound Transformation

One of Noom’s most widely viewed weight loss transformations is that of 33-year-old busy working mom Amanda. Amanda’s noom before and after photos truly display a shocking change, going from 230 pounds at 5′ 6″ with a bloated round belly and puffy face to achieving a final weight of 148 pounds of visible leanness, health and fitness. 

In her before photo, Amanda appears quite overweight and insecure, looking much older than her age. But her after photo shows her confidence and joy at reaching her goals through Noom and getting into the best shape of her life. She happily displays her flat and firm stomach in a bikini she previously never would have worn.

Amanda says Noom provided her with the structured guidance and accountability she needed to develop lasting healthy eating and exercise habits after years of yo-yo dieting attempts. She gave up quick fixes and fad diets to focus on Noom’s proven methods of calorie counting, meal planning, and mindset reshaping. She also steadily built up her cardio capacity.

The gradual but sustainable approach led to an incredible transformation over 11 months as the pounds steadily dropped each week. Amanda says she has successfully kept the weight off by sticking to Noom’s principles for maintenance. She feels better mentally and physically, with a new lease on life.

Seeing Inspiring Weight Loss Transformations in Noom Users’ Noom Before and After Pictures

James Drops 98 Pounds After 11 Months of Noom

Another inspirational male noom before and after weight loss story follows James, 50, who managed to drop nearly 100 pounds after 11 months of fully engaging with Noom’s customized game-style teaching curriculum.

James’ before photo shows a clearly overweight man with a discouraged look, bad posture, expanded belly and triple chin. But his after noom before and after image displays the new, thin and athletic James at 155 pound after shedding 98 pounds of fat. He is lean with a defined jawline and toned arms proudly on display in a sleeveless shirt.

James confesses he had gained a lot of weight during a stressful divorce, by eating out constantly at unhealthy restaurants and letting exercise slip away. He knew he needed help and willpower to slim back down and found Noom’s cognitive approach fit him perfectly.

Pairing Noom’s just-in-time health tips with relearning portion control and home cooking, James’ weight steadily decreased week after week for 11 months until his goal. His clothes shrunk from XXL to Medium.

The visible difference in James’ before and after confidence proves that losing the weight also lifted his self-esteem and energy. He says the greatest lesson was developing healthy habits that stuck so the pounds stayed off.

Kristin’s Success Losing 75 Pounds To Regain Health

28-year old Kristin’s weight had fluctuated since childhood, but in early adulthood she found herself obese, weighing 250 pounds at just 5 foot 3 inches. Her before noom before and after photos show an overweight woman wearing baggy dark clothes that hid her body and exuded sadness in her eyes.

After a diabetes scare, Kristin realized she needed to reclaim her health and signed up for Noom. She implemented Noom’s recommendations seamlessly into her daily life. She meal-prepped healthy portions, chose nutritious restaurant options, and pushed herself to move more.

Over 10 months, the weight steadily decreased and Kristin’s after photo shows her posing confidently in a bright sundress that highlighted her new 175-pound figure. The contrast displays a complete body transformation.

Kristin now has the energy to keep up with her active kids and feels happier and healthier inside and out. She no longer hides her body under loose clothing but embraces showing off her slimmed curves. Her success proves it’s never too late to implement change.

Monica Drops 60 Pounds And Loves Her New Body

Monica Drops 60 Pounds And Loves Her New Body

Monica’s before and after noom before and after photos truly showcase a dramatic 60-pound body change in under a year of determined dieting and Noom’s support.

Her before photo at 230 pounds shows her body shape hidden inside oversized gray sweats, not wanting to be photographed. But Monica’s after image displays a shapely, sexy and confident woman proudly wearing a form-fitting red dress hugging all her new curves at 170 pounds.

Monica admits she was always insecure about her weight and avoided social events where she’d be photographed. But after sticking to Noom’s plan of mindful eating, preparing nutritious meals, and steady cardio workouts, she completely transformed not just her body but self-esteem.

She loves getting compliments on her stunning slimdown that allowed her to buy stylish new clothes. Monica feels like a totally new woman inside and out. She can’t wait to show off her hot bikini body on a tropical vacation next. Her journey proves determination pays off.

Khaled’s 50-Pound Weight Loss Helps His Confidence Soar

Khaled’s before photo shows the 30-year old man looking overweight and unhappy at 230 pounds, wearing an oversized untucked shirt that hid his belly flab. But his after noom before and after image displays a true fitness transformation.

Posing confidently in just shorts with his hands on his hips, Khaled’s 180-pound physique looks athletic and defined. His chest and arms show reshaped muscle tone. He accomplished this 50-pound turnaround using Noom’s cognitive behavioral approach over 9 months.

Khaled says he needed the structure and knowledge Noom provided to finally achieve his weight loss goals after trying other fad diets and fitness plans without long-term results. Learning the psychology behind overeating and how to track calories precisely gave him the missing pieces.

He also realized just how much excess food he used to mindlessly consume before Noom consciousness. Khaled feels more focused, energetic and confident at a fit 180 pounds. The visible difference in his photos proves that Noom delivers life-changing weight loss.

Sarah’s Noom Journey: 45 Pounds Lost and A New Love of Yoga

Sarah’s before and after photos document a true perspective shift along with visible physical changes. At 190 pounds in her before photo, Sarah appears tired, makeup-free and self-conscious in a slouchy sweater. But her after image displays a vibrant, shapely woman embracing her new 145-pound body in yoga pants and crop top.

The 45 pounds Sarah shed using Noom’s behavioral techniques led her to discover a passion for yoga. Her toned, flexible after photo proves the physical transformation. But Sarah says Noom changed how she perceived health, not just weight.

Noom’s psychology-based curriculum taught Sarah that striving for balance and self-care mattered more than chasing ideal appearance standards. Her self-judgment and perfectionism eased as she embraced Noom’s incremental progress approach.

While the weight loss itself boosted Sarah’s confidence, her deeper mindset shifts guide her life beyond just maintaining a lower number on the scale. She now radiates an inner comfort and acceptance that enhances her outer glow in a way no temporary diet could.

Kevin Lost 30 Pounds To Feel Healthier and More Confident At Work and In Relationships

Kevin’s side-by-side noom before and after photos highlight a major visible improvement beyond just pounds dropping on the scale. At 230 pounds in his before, Kevin looks stocky, puffy and unhappy. But at 200 pounds in his after, evidence of how losing 30 pounds through Noom’s guidance sculpted Kevin’s physique into leaner, healthier male proportions is obvious.  

Kevin admits he had acquired a “dad bod” in his thirties as career demands led his fitness to take a backseat. But heightened pandemic health awareness plus an impending high school reunion pushed him to take action. Starting Noom gave Kevin the personalized meal plans, psychological strategies and motivation he required to get on track.

His eyes look brighter, his smile wider, and energy levels through the roof compared to his former defeated before photo. Kevin says the transformation did wonders for his confidence at work and in exploring new romantic partnerships. He feels like a new person inside and out thanks to Noom’s continual support.

Jessica Tones Up And Feels Sexier After Losing 35 Pounds on Noom

29-year old Jessica’s before and after noom before and after photos reveal quite a physical evolution. At 155 pounds in her before photo, she appears somewhat shapeless and flat in a baggy sweater. But her after photo shows off her sexy, toned 120-pound figure in skinny jeans and a midriff-baring top.

Through Noom, Jessica lost 35 pounds and tightened every inch, gaining sleek curves and muscle definition. The striking contrast between a regular body and exceptionally fit physique proves Noom’s workout and meal plan guidance paid off. Jessica documenting feeling much more confident now.

She loves how her toned booty and sculpted legs turn heads when she walks into a room. The new attention Jessica gets validates all the discipline and effort she put in. Her journey shows consistency matters most, using Noom’s cognitive tools to stick with changes.

Jessica feels the investment in improving her health also gave her a hot new look that makes her feel better at the beach, at work functions, and out on dates. Her photos offer inspiration that transforming your body in meaningful ways is achievable.

Brett Drops 42 Pounds and Gains Energy To Stay Active With Kids

Brett Drops 42 Pounds and Gains Energy To Stay Active With Kids

Family man Brett’s before photo shows a 230-pound guy with a prominent belly, jowly face, and slouched shoulders that seem to carry heavy burdens. But after committing to Noom’s lifestyle adjustments, his after photo displays a far leaner 188-pound version beaming with positivity.

As a busy professional and dad, Brett let his fitness slide. His diet consisted of fast food, takeout and business lunches out. But worrying about his future health and wanting to fully participate with his kids motivated him to change.

Using Noom’s food logging tools and psychology lessons, Brett developed meal prepping habits, ate nourishing foods full of energy, and chose healthy restaurant options. The 42 pounds melted away slowly but surely.

Now Brett no longer feels out of breath going up stairs or just walking a few blocks. His after photo shows the new vibrancy and vigor he feels. Noom proved small steps add up to big results. Brett now cherishes being active with his family, full of stamina thanks to his new lease on health.

How Noom Helped Lisa Lose 22 Pounds Through Home Cooking and Save Money Too

Lisa’s noom before and after photos highlight a journey about more than just pounds dropping from 175 to 153. She gained real skills and insight into lifelong strategies for maintaining health.

Her before photo shows Lisa looking like just another stressed, overworked young mom lacking energy or motivation to care for herself properly. But Noom’s psychology-based approach helped Lisa reduce not just body weight but mental burdens as well.

Noom equipped Lisa with meal planning knowledge and recipes to bypass fast food timesavers and cook fresh, nutritious family meals at home. Shopping local farmer’s markets and trying new vegetables became fun rituals.

The 22 lost pounds were an added bonus to enjoying quality time with loved ones over healthy dinners, and teaching her kids positive habits. Now Lisa looks brighter, stands taller, and has more inner calm to tackle each day thanks to Noom.

Alex Sheds 28 Pounds and Improves His Body Shape With Noom

When Alex, 36, reached nearly 200 pounds from enjoying one too many beers with buddies over the years, he decided enough was enough. His puffy before noom before and after photo shows the excess weight straining his face, torso, and hips.

Committing to Noom encouraged Alex to cut back on alcohol, hydrate more with water, and start an exercise plan using their customized step goals and motivational approach.

Over 5 months Alex dropped 28 pounds, achieving a weight of 172 his doctor approved of. But beyond the numbers, his after photo reveals just how much improving his body composition reduced abdominal bloat and refined his silhouette.

Alex is proud of establishing healthy routines that reshaped his body more than the scale alone reflects. He looks great but more importantly feels renewed vigor from taking control of his lifestyle.

How Noom Helped Natalie Lose 26 Pounds and Regain Body Confidence

Pretty yet curvy Natalie felt frustrated seeing 5’5″ friends effortlessly slip into skinny jeans while she struggled to flatten her stomach into anything form-fitting. Her before photo wearing an oversized dress reflects no confidence in her 185-pound body.

But after 4 months of Noom’s food tracking, healthy meal plans and psychology shifts, Natalie’s after photo displays a fresh radiance along with 26 pounds vanished. She happily rocks a clingy minidress celebrating her new 159-pound silhouette.

Natalie disliked how she looked and felt before, avoiding cameras and mirrors. But her after journey with Noom produced visible results helping her feel sexy for the first time. A boosted metabolism and toned arms are a physical bonus too.

She loves replacing junk food cravings with nutritious homemade meals that fueled real change. Natalie let go of unrealistic expectations to embrace a body shape she feels content in for the first time. Her new healthy lifestyle motivates her constantly.

How Noom Helped Chris Lose 20 Pounds and Gain Energy For His Busy Lifestyle

For Chris, a 20-pound weight loss on Noom represented more than the number on the scale but how he felt living each day. His before photo shows Chris looking drained and carrying extra pounds around the midsection at nearly 180 pounds.

Sticking to Noom’s personalized plan including more frequent movement breaks, dietary tweaks to cut empty carbs, and better stress management gave Chris the tools to thrive.

His after photo displays a 160-pound version appearing sharper, brighter and brimming with new vitality. The small consistent changes Noom facilitated completely energized Chris from the inside out.

While the physical difference is noticeable between his before and after photos, Chris says the way he feels after losing 20 pounds through Noom’s guidance makes him feel like a whole new person.

He has the focus and stamina now to perform at his best whether at work, at the gym, or just playing with his kids. Chris proves you don’t have to undergo a radical overhaul to experience meaningful transformation.

How Noom Helped Chris Lose 20 Pounds and Gain Energy For His Busy Lifestyle

Heather’s 100-Pound Weight Loss in One Year With Noom

Among the most dramatic visual noom before and after transformations is that of Heather, who managed to shed a life-changing 100 pounds through Noom’s program, taking her from obese at 275 pounds down to a slender 175 pounds after a year of hard work.

Heather’s before photo shows a sad, overweight woman hiding in an oversized grey sweater and looking down self-consciously. But after 12 months fully engaging with Noom’s lessons and developing new habits, her after photo displays a beaming, vibrant Heather.

She proudly displays her incredibly slimmed-down 175-pound physique in a cute spaghetti strap sundress. The loose sagging skin tightened back up. She tidied her hair and makeup too. Heather gained back the inner light she had lost.

She calls her physical and mental Noom makeover the best thing she has ever accomplished in her life so far. Heather now lives an active lifestyle, makes healthy choices, and found a new career as a motivational speaker and weight loss coach. She inspires other people who feel hopeless to take control.

76 Pounds Lost For Eric on Noom: From Flab to Fit

Some men strive for lean “dad bods” but Eric took it to the next level, sculpting a truly enviable physique emerging from underneath his overweight old self, revealed in his shirtless noom before and after photos. 

The before photo shows 260 pounds of flabby excess weight sagging on Eric’s 6-foot tall frame, looking ashamed to show his bare belly and chest. But his astonished after pic displays the chiseled, muscular184-pound version Eric achieved in just 8 months after fully committing to Noom’s weight loss system.

No longer does Eric avoid pool parties and beaches, afraid to take his shirt off. Now he looks better than most 20-somethings, let alone men his age. The 76 pounds melted away and left all muscle behind thanks to Noom’s recipes, healthy diet techniques and fun customized workouts.

He proved overweight men over 40 still have the capacity to transform into the fit, toned physiques they admire with consistency and Noom’s help. Eric turned his life around and now motivates others to do the same. His photos offer inspiration for countless men needing a push.

Users Say Noom Facilitates Lasting Weight Loss Unlike Quick Fix Crash Diets According to Their Noom Before and After Stories

One common problem many experience trying to lose excess pounds is that rapid weight loss through extreme crash diets often is only temporary before old habits lead to regaining the weight. Starvation tactics create an unsustainable cycle rather than leading to permanent lifestyle changes. 

Noom aims to break that yo-yo dieting rut by going beyond just focusing on scoring quick results on the scale. Instead, Noom tries to reprogram users’ behavioral patterns, mindsets and knowledge around food, movement and health permanently. This gives Noom members the practical and psychological skills to keep excess weight off long after reaching their initial goals and completing the full program.

Noom’s curriculum focuses on teaching portion control awareness, broad nutrition knowledge, stress-reducing exercises, cognitive behavioral tricks to resist emotional or boredom eating, and thinking more mindfully about choosing and consuming food. Users reflect that these cognitive psychology lessons resulted in developing far better and more intuitive eating habits that stuck with them compared to any temporary diet changes alone.

Making sustainable adjustments to lifestyle enabled through Noom’s unique psychology-based approach leads to lasting transformation for many users rather than fleeting weight loss followed by regain when motivation fades. The education empowers them to make healthy choices.

Looking at users’ noom before and after journals and testimonials, a common theme emerges that the skills and new mindsets gained while actively doing Noom became ingrained as habits that continued well beyond reaching their peak weight loss goal.

Developing Lasting Intuition Around Food

Developing Lasting Intuition Around Food

Many users highlight that Noom helped them better understand appropriate serving sizes and nutritional density unlike any structured diet plan. That gave them lasting intuition to roughly eyeball proper meal proportions and make better choices in any situation without counting every calorie forever. That inner skill made keeping excess weight off much easier long-term without intense micromanaging or deprivation.

Noomers also gained an awareness of how ingredients, prep methods, and certain cuisines influence overall nutrition that stuck with them after the program to guide food choices. Noom’s psychology lessons also taught how to enjoy treats in moderation without guilt. That nuanced food psychology led to healthier lifelong eating habits.

Mindfulness and Emotional Eating Changes

Users frequently praise how Noom’s cognitive and mindfulness teachings broke emotional or stress-related eating patterns that previously sabotaged their weight goals. By becoming aware what triggers overeating urges and learning techniques to halt mindless eating, users gained skills for avoiding these pitfalls indefinitely.

No longer did they binge eat out of boredom, anxiety, or as a reward after a long day. They learned to tell the difference between genuine hunger and a craving. The mindfulness and self-talk practices gave them power over their impulses long after completing Noom.

Internalizing an Active Lifestyle 

Noom focuses on small, gradual increases in daily movement rather than intense gym regimens. Users found they internalized adding extra movement to reach step goals, taking brief activity breaks, and reducing sedentary time in a way that stuck. The incremental ramp up allowed establishing lasting active lifestyle changes at their own pace.

Whether walking more, taking the stairs, or being more active with their families on weekends, the push for consistency paid off. Users’ new mobile notifications for activity reminders kept them on track. The accountability and motivation Noom provided to value movement facilitated maintenance.

Psychology Change Enables Permanent Transformation

Noom understands that knowledge alone rarely leads to lasting change. By incentivizing daily engagement, goal-setting, gaining accountability through groups, and continually supporting new thought patterns, the program instills behavior modification. Users transform from the inside out in a deep, multifaceted way.

By the end of the journey, the weigh loss is merely a side effect of improved lifestyle and choices. The psychology reprogramming facilitates transformation that continues perpetually, not just temporarily, leading to healthier, happier lives long after reaching target weight goals.


For those struggling with losing weight through conventional diets, Noom can provide the structure, coaching, and psychology tools to finally see real change. While demanding commitment, the program helps users achieve often dramatic visible Noom before and after results. Seeing others’ inspiring Noom transformations shows the power of this science-backed approach when followed diligently.


FAQs about Noom Before and After

  • How much weight can I lose in a month with Noom?

    Monthly weight loss may vary for each individual, but many users report losing around 1-2 pounds per week. With proper guidance, diet, and exercise, you can potentially lose 4-8 pounds per month.

  • How long does it take to see results from Noom?

    Most users start noticing positive changes within the first couple of weeks. The time it takes to see results can vary based on individual goals, commitment, lifestyle changes, and other factors.

  • What is the downside of Noom?

    Some users find the subscription cost to be higher than other weight loss programs. Also, strict daily logging of food intake and exercise can be time-consuming for some individuals.

  • How fast can you lose weight on Noom?

    Weight loss results depend on various factors, but many users report a loss of 1-2 pounds per week. Consistency, adherence to the program, and incorporating healthy habits into your daily routine will help maximize your results.

  • Can I lose 40 pounds on Noom?

    Losing 40 pounds on Noom is possible. However, keep in mind that the time and effort required to lose that amount of weight will vary depending on your starting weight, personal health, lifestyle changes, and dedication to the program.

  • How long do most people stay on Noom?

    Noom offers different subscription plans, typically ranging from a few months to a year. They also provide customized plans based on individual needs. Most people stay on Noom for about 6 months to a year to achieve and maintain their weight loss goals.

Michael J. Ormsbee
Michael J. Ormsbee
Michael J. Ormsbee is the editor of Fast Lose Fat. He is an Associate Professor in the Department of Nutrition, Food, and Exercise Sciences and Interim Director of the Institute of Sports Sciences and Medicine in the College of Human Sciences at Florida State University.