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The Best Plank Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat From Trainer

Acknowledged for their unparalleled efficacy, plank exercises are pivotal for those aspiring to shed belly fat, fortifying the core while enhancing overall stability and posture. In this meticulous guide, we delve into the best plank exercises to reduce belly fat, as endorsed by seasoned trainers well-versed in the art and science of fitness. Each exercise highlighted herein has been meticulously selected, bearing the stamp of approval from fitness connoisseurs, ensuring readers are equipped with the knowledge to integrate these powerful exercises into their fitness regimen effectively.


Plank Touch Reach: A Pinnacle Among the Best Plank Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat

Description and Benefits

The Plank Touch Reach is a fantastic exercise that belongs to the elite category of the best plank exercises to reduce belly fat. This exercise not only targets your abdominal muscles but also engages your arms, shoulders, and lower back, offering a comprehensive workout experience.

Execution Steps

  1. Start Position: Begin in a full plank position with arms straight, hands below the shoulders, and feet hip-width apart.
  2. Engaging Core: Tighten your core as if preparing to take a punch. Maintain this tension throughout the exercise.
  3. Touch and Reach: Lift your right hand off the ground, touching your left shoulder. Then extend it straight out in front of you. Return to the plank position and repeat on the opposite side.

Trainer’s Tips for Maximizing Effectiveness

  • Maintain Stability: Avoid rocking your hips from side to side as you move your arms. The goal is to keep your torso as stable as possible.
  • Controlled Movements: Perform each touch and reach with deliberation. Quick, jerky movements won’t engage your core as effectively.
  • Consistent Practice: Incorporating the Plank Touch Reach into your regular workout regimen will yield the best results over time.

Unpacking the Best Plank Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat: Plank Touch Reach

As one navigates through the myriad of exercises promising belly fat reduction, the Plank Touch Reach stands out, holding its esteemed position among the plank exercise reduce belly fat. This exercise is not merely about the hype; it has substance, bringing tangible results to practitioners who integrate it diligently into their fitness routines. When conducted with precision and consistency, this exercise can become a cornerstone in your belly fat reduction toolkit.


The Plank Touch Reach, while being effective, requires a disciplined approach to fully harness its benefits. Practitioners are advised to maintain a keen focus on their form, ensuring that each movement is executed with finesse and control. It’s not about speed; it’s about the quality of each touch and reach, engaging the core and sustaining stability throughout the duration of the exercise.

Trainer Insights: Making the Best Out of Plank Touch Reach

Trainers who advocate for the best plank exercises to reduce belly fat consistently highlight the Plank Touch Reach as a go-to option for individuals at various fitness levels. Whether you are a novice embarking on your fitness journey or a seasoned athlete, this exercise can be tailored to meet your unique needs and objectives.


To optimize the Plank Touch Reach’s effectiveness, trainers recommend paying attention to your breathing. Proper inhalation and exhalation play a pivotal role in facilitating core engagement and maintaining balance. Furthermore, for individuals who may find the standard Plank Touch Reach challenging, modifications can be made to accommodate their fitness levels, gradually progressing as they build strength and endurance over time.

Wrapping Up: Plank Touch Reach as a Game-Changer

In the realm of the best plank exercises to reduce belly fat, the Plank Touch Reach is a non-negotiable inclusion. With its multifaceted benefits, it not only contributes to belly fat reduction but also fosters improved posture, enhanced stability, and increased functional strength. Committing to practice and refining your technique with each session, you will uncover the transformative potential housed within this exercise, steering you closer to your goal of a toned, sculpted midsection.

Best Plank Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat

Plank Jacks: Integral Part of Best Plank Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat

Description and Benefits

Plank Jacks offer a dynamic twist to the conventional plank, seamlessly blending cardiovascular training with core strengthening, making it an unmissable part of the best plank exercises to reduce belly fat. This explosive movement not only intensifies calorie burn but also meticulously chisels the abdominal muscles by enforcing stability and controlled motion. The dual advantage of heart rate elevation and core engagement makes Plank Jacks an indispensable exercise for individuals desiring a flat, toned belly while improving their cardiovascular health.

Execution Steps

  1. Starting Position: Begin in the standard plank position with your arms straight, hands directly underneath your shoulders, and legs together.
  2. Performing the Jack: Jump your legs outward, similar to how you’d execute a jumping jack. Ensure your feet are shoulder-width apart at the peak of the movement.
  3. Returning to Start: Jump your legs back to the starting position, maintaining a tight core and straight back throughout the movement.

Importance in Cardio and Core Strengthening

Plank Jacks stand out among the best plank exercises to reduce belly fat due to their unique ability to combine cardio and core strengthening. The jumping motion increases the heart rate, facilitating a cardiovascular workout that aids in burning a significant number of calories, which is crucial for fat loss. Simultaneously, the plank element of the exercise enforces core stabilization, leading to stronger and more defined abdominal muscles.

Elaborating on Best Plank Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat: Plank Jacks

In the spectrum of the plank exercise to reduce belly fat, Plank Jacks occupy a special place. They offer a harmonious blend of cardiovascular exercise and strength training, which is essential for anyone looking to shed extra pounds around the waist. The quick, explosive leg movements increase your heart rate, promoting calorie burn and fat loss, while the plank position engages your core, helping tone and tighten the abdominal muscles.

Why Trainers Recommend Plank Jacks

Fitness trainers often recommend incorporating Plank Jacks into your routine as they recognize its effectiveness and efficiency in targeting belly fat. When discussing the best plank exercises to reduce belly fat, trainers emphasize the importance of incorporating exercises like Plank Jacks that offer dual benefits. The dynamic movement not only aids in reducing fat but also helps in building a strong and stable core, enhancing your overall athletic performance and daily functional movements.

Maximizing the Benefits of Plank Jacks

For those who are committed to engaging in the best plank exercises to reduce belly fat, understanding the technique and consistency required for Plank Jacks is crucial. As with any exercise, proper form is key to preventing injury and ensuring you’re effectively targeting the right muscle groups. Individuals are advised to perform Plank Jacks with controlled and deliberate movements, focusing on maintaining a tight core and straight back throughout the exercise.

Embedding Plank Jacks into your fitness regimen opens doors to not only expedited belly fat reduction but also to a journey towards enhanced physical stamina and core strength. As you delve deeper into practicing Plank Jacks and making it a regular feature of your workout sessions, you’ll notice its undeniable impact as one of the best plank exercises to reduce belly fat, offering you a route to a firmer, stronger, and more aesthetically pleasing midsection.

Plank to Pushup: Mastering Form and Function for Best Plank Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat

Description and Benefits

The Plank to Pushup exercise is a powerhouse movement renowned amongst the best plank exercises to reduce belly fat. This dynamic exercise engages multiple muscle groups simultaneously, providing a comprehensive workout that effectively targets and reduces belly fat while improving overall body strength and endurance.


The Plank to Pushup is not just an exercise; it’s a symphony of controlled, deliberate movements designed to work both the upper and lower body, with a particular emphasis on the core. When performed correctly and consistently, it contributes significantly to fat loss and muscle toning, making it an excellent choice for individuals striving to achieve a lean, strong, and sculpted physique.

Execution Steps

  1. Start in Plank Position: With your forearms and toes on the floor, keep your body straight and rigid.
  2. Transition to Pushup Position: Press your body up with your right hand, then your left, moving into a pushup position.
  3. Return to Plank Position: Lower your body back down to the starting plank position, one arm at a time.

Insights into Muscle Engagement During the Exercise

Plank to Pushup is an exercise that demands engagement from various muscles to be performed effectively. It’s not solely one of the best plank exercises to reduce belly fat; it’s a full-body workout. The primary muscles worked include the deltoids, pectorals, triceps, and all abdominal muscle groups.

Delving Deeper: Unpacking Plank to Pushup

As a stellar component in the repertoire of the plank exercise reduce belly fat, Plank to Pushup deserves a spotlight for its inherent ability to merge strength, endurance, and stability training. Each transition from plank to pushup and vice versa activates different muscle groups, offering a holistic workout experience.

Why Plank to Pushup Stands Out

In the sea of exercises claiming to reduce belly fat, Plank to Pushup holds a prominent place for its dual functionality and effectiveness. Fitness trainers and enthusiasts alike often incorporate this exercise into their routines, recognizing it as one of the best plank exercises to reduce belly fat due to its ability to offer both strength training and cardio benefits simultaneously.

Trainer Tips: Optimize Plank to Pushup

For those eager to experience the maximum benefits of Plank to Pushup, understanding the nuances of the exercise is crucial. Experts advise maintaining a tight core and straight back throughout the exercise to ensure that the abdominal muscles are effectively engaged and worked.


For individuals dedicated to reducing belly fat and improving overall physical fitness, incorporating Plank to Pushup into your exercise routine can yield impressive results. Consistency, proper form, and dedication are key to unlocking the potential of this dynamic exercise as one of the best plank exercises to reduce belly fat. Through regular practice, you’ll not only see a reduction in belly fat but also improvements in strength, stability, and endurance.

Plank Shoulder Taps: A Key Player Among the Best Plank Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat

Description and Benefits

Plank Shoulder Taps stand prominently as one of the best plank exercises to reduce belly fat, merging the challenges of stability and strength to deliver a powerful workout for your abdominal muscles. This exercise is a dynamic variation of the traditional plank, introducing movement to challenge your core further and enhance the fat-burning process effectively.


With each tap, the exercise engages the obliques, rectus abdominis, and other core muscles, offering a comprehensive belly workout. The added movement increases the exercise intensity, accelerating calorie burn and promoting fat loss around the midsection. Simultaneously, Plank Shoulder Taps improve upper body strength, particularly in the shoulders and arms, making it an efficient, full-body exercise.

Execution Steps

  1. Start in Plank: Begin in a high plank position, hands directly under shoulders, body forming a straight line from head to heels.
  2. Tap Shoulders: Lift your right hand to tap your left shoulder, then lift your left hand to tap your right shoulder, maintaining a tight core and minimizing hip movement.

Advice on Maintaining Stability and Form

To maximize the benefits derived from one of the best plank exercises to reduce belly fat, maintaining stability and form during Plank Shoulder Taps is crucial. Here are expert tips:

  • Avoid Hip Sway: Engage your core to keep hips steady, preventing them from swaying side to side.
  • Hand Alignment: Keep hands directly below shoulders to ensure proper alignment and support.
  • Focus on Breathing: Breathe consistently and deeply to help maintain balance and focus during the exercise.

Unpacking the Plank Shoulder Taps

In exploring the best plank exercises to reduce belly fat, the Plank Shoulder Taps offer a unique combination of stability and strength training, primarily targeting the abdominal area but extending its benefits to the upper body as well. The dynamic nature of the exercise, requiring deliberate and controlled shoulder taps while in the plank position, adds an extra layer of difficulty and effectiveness to the traditional plank, leading to improved results in belly fat reduction.

Mastering Plank Shoulder Taps

For those committed to incorporating plank exercise to reduce belly fat into their fitness regimen, mastering the Plank Shoulder Taps is essential. While the exercise might seem straightforward, paying attention to the finer details of execution can significantly enhance its effectiveness. Trainers emphasize the importance of keeping a straight back, avoiding hip sway, and breathing correctly to maximize the benefits of this exercise.

Consistently incorporating Plank Shoulder Taps into your workout routine can lead to visible and tangible results in belly fat reduction and overall body strength improvement. Acknowledging its position among the best plank exercises to reduce belly fat, making a commitment to executing it with proper form and consistency is key to unlocking its full potential. With dedication and practice, Plank Shoulder Taps can indeed become a valuable asset in your fitness journey towards a toned and strong midsection.

Long Lever Plank

Long Lever Plank: Essential in the Best Plank Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat Arsenal

Description and Benefits

The Long Lever Plank deserves its accolade as one of the best plank exercises to reduce belly fat, serving as a more challenging variant of the traditional plank by extending the leverage, hence demanding more from your core muscles. Its effectiveness in targeting and reducing belly fat is unparalleled, offering not only a stronger, more defined midsection but also improved overall stability and body strength.

Execution Steps

  1. Begin in Traditional Plank: Start in a regular plank position.
  2. Extend Your Arms: Move your arms further out in front of you, increasing the distance between your feet and hands.
  3. Hold and Maintain: Keep your core tight and back straight as you hold the position.

Trainer’s Notes on Increasing Intensity Responsibly

While the Long Lever Plank is potent, it’s crucial to approach it with caution. Trainers advise beginners to start with the traditional plank and gradually progress to the Long Lever variant to avoid strain and injury. The key is to ensure you’re maintaining proper form and not compromising your lower back.


Deep Dive into Long Lever Plank

In the array of the best plank exercises to reduce belly fat, the Long Lever Plank shines brightly for its intensity and effectiveness. It’s an advanced exercise designed for individuals who have mastered the basic plank and are looking for ways to increase the challenge and, consequently, the results. Changing the leverage and placing your arms further from your body, demands more strength and endurance from your core, making it work harder and helping sculpt and tone the abdominal area.

Why Long Lever Plank is Exceptional

When considering the best plank exercises to reduce belly fat, the Long Lever Plank cannot be overlooked. Its unique structure and form require engagement from various muscle groups, intensifying the workout and leading to better, faster results. Fitness experts often incorporate this plank variant into advanced workout routines to help their clients achieve a toned and firm midsection effectively and efficiently.

Responsible Intensity Increase with Long Lever Plank

For fitness enthusiasts keen on maximizing the benefits of the best plank exercises to reduce belly fat, understanding how to responsibly increase intensity in exercises like the Long Lever Plank is vital. While it’s tempting to dive into advanced exercises, it’s imperative to approach them with caution and awareness, ensuring you’re not putting undue strain on your body. Practitioners should focus on mastering the form and building endurance in the traditional plank before progressing to the Long Lever Plank.


With consistent and careful practice, the Long Lever Plank can be a significant game-changer in your journey to reduce belly fat and improve core strength. Recognizing its value and incorporating it into your fitness routine can lead to not only a reduction in belly fat but also an improvement in overall body strength and endurance. It stands undisputed as one of the best plank exercises to reduce belly fat, offering remarkable results to those who practice it with dedication and correct form.

Unveiling Additional Plank Variations: Diving Deeper into Best Plank Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat


The journey through the best plank exercises to reduce belly fat doesn’t stop at the traditional methods; there are several variations, each with unique benefits contributing to the main goal of belly fat reduction and core strengthening. In this section, we’ll explore additional plank variations that you can incorporate into your routine for optimal results.

Side Plank

Description and Benefits

The Side Plank is another variant that comfortably sits among the best plank exercises to reduce belly fat. This exercise is particularly effective in targeting the obliques, the muscles located on either side of your abdomen. With consistent practice, Side Planks help in tightening and toning the waistline, aiding in the creation of a more defined midsection.

Steps and Variations

  • Standard Side Plank: Start by lying on one side, keeping your elbow directly under your shoulder. Raise your hips until your body forms a straight line, and hold.
  • Star Side Plank: For added intensity, lift the top leg and arm, forming a star shape with your body.

Reverse Plank

Description and Benefits

Reverse Plank is a fantastic inclusion in the plank exercise reduce belly fat. This variation shifts focus to the lower back and hips while still engaging the entire core. It helps improve posture, enhances lower back strength, and aids in achieving a toned belly.

Execution Steps

Start by sitting on the floor with your legs extended and palms placed behind you. Lift your hips towards the ceiling until your body forms a straight line from shoulders to heels.

Plank with Shoulder Taps

Description and Benefits

Already mentioned earlier but worth reiterating, the Plank with Shoulder Taps is an excellent dynamic exercise that falls among the best plank exercises to reduce belly fat. It introduces an element of instability that forces the core to work harder, helping to develop a strong and defined midsection.

Execution Steps

From a high plank position, lift one hand to tap the opposite shoulder, alternating sides while keeping the hips as steady as possible.

Expanding Your Plank Repertoire for Belly Fat Reduction

As you delve deeper into the realm of the best plank exercises to reduce belly fat, considering a mix of various plank variations is crucial. Each variation targets the core muscles slightly differently, providing a well-rounded approach to belly fat reduction and core strengthening. Engaging in a combination of these exercises will not only keep your routine fresh and exciting but will also enhance your results, bringing you closer to the flat and toned belly you aspire to achieve.

Incorporating a diverse range of plank exercises into your workout regimen enhances your ability to sculpt and tone your abdomen effectively. Each variation mentioned in this section holds a pivotal place in the compilation of the plank exercise to reduce belly fat, offering unique benefits and targeting different areas of the core. Consistency, proper form, and a balanced approach are your allies on this fitness journey toward a strong, healthy, and aesthetically pleasing midsection.

Bicycle Crunch

Incorporating Crunch Variations: Complementing the Best Plank Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat


While planks are indeed exceptional, to craft a well-rounded routine aimed at melting away abdominal fat, it’s essential to incorporate varied exercises. Crunch variations, with their targeted abdominal engagement, seamlessly complement the best plank exercises to reduce belly fat, offering a balanced approach to core strengthening and toning.


Brief Overview of Crunches’ Benefits

Crunches are fundamental exercises dedicated to building and toning the abdominal muscles. They play a significant role in improving posture, providing better balance, enhancing functional strength, and of course, assisting in the reduction of belly fat when paired with appropriate dietary habits.


Recommended Crunch Variations for Targeting Belly Fat

Adding variety to your abdominal workout, these crunch variations can indeed fortify your regimen, seamlessly integrating with the best plank exercises to reduce belly fat for a comprehensive belly-sculpting routine.

Bicycle Crunch

  • Description & Benefits: Bicycle Crunches are dynamic, engaging both the upper and lower abdominal muscles, and providing a full abdominal workout that assists in burning belly fat effectively.
  • Execution Steps: Lie flat with your hands behind your head. Bring knees towards the chest while lifting the shoulder blades. Rotate to bring the right elbow towards the left knee while straightening the right leg, and vice versa.

Long Arm Crunch

  • Description & Benefits: The Long Arm Crunch intensifies the traditional crunch by adding difficulty, engaging the upper part of the abs effectively.
  • Execution Steps: Lie down with arms straightened behind you. Keeping them clasped and next to your ears, perform a crunch by lifting your upper body off the floor.


Oblique Crunch

  • Description & Benefits: Targeting the side muscles or obliques, Oblique Crunches are vital for achieving a toned and tight waistline.
  • Execution Steps: Lying back, drop your knees to one side. Place your hands lightly behind your head and lift your upper body, targeting the obliques.

Reverse Crunch

  • Description & Benefits: The Reverse Crunch targets the lower abdominal muscles, helping to reduce the small fat deposits located there.
  • Execution Steps: Lie on your back and place your hands beside you. Lift your knees over your hips, and then raise them towards the chest, lifting your hips off the floor.


Strategic Incorporation for Optimal Results

In the strategic battle against belly fat, the synergy between crunch variations and the best plank exercises to reduce belly fat cannot be overstated. Each exercise plays a role, and when thoughtfully incorporated into a fitness routine, they collectively contribute to the overall aesthetics and function of the abdominal region.


Understanding that abdominal toning and strengthening require a blend of exercises is crucial. Incorporating both planks and crunch variations can offer a dual approach to target belly fat effectively. Engage regularly in the best plank exercises to reduce belly fat, and supplement them with the recommended crunch variations for a balanced, effective abdominal workout. With consistency and dedication, a firmer, flatter belly is undoubtedly within your reach.

Combining Plank and Crunch Exercises: The Ultimate Strategy Among the Best Plank Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat


Crafting a workout regime that is not only effective but sustainable requires a harmonious blend of various exercises that work together synergistically. In our quest for the best plank exercises to reduce belly fat, it’s imperative to acknowledge the power of combination workouts, particularly integrating both plank and crunch exercises into a single, cohesive routine.

Trainer’s Advice on Creating a Balanced Routine

Fitness experts advocate for a well-rounded workout schedule that doesn’t solely rely on one type of exercise but instead utilizes a mix to target different muscle groups and provide varied stimuli for the body.


  • Diversity is Key: While engaging in the best plank exercises to reduce belly fat, incorporating different crunch variations ensures your body doesn’t adapt to a specific movement, keeping your workouts effective and engaging.
  • Progressive Overload: Implement a gradual increase in exercise intensity and duration over time. This approach allows your body to adapt to the increasing demands, leading to improvements in strength, endurance, and muscle tone.
  • Consistency and Recovery: Balance is essential not only in the exercises you choose but also in maintaining a steady workout routine while allowing adequate time for recovery and muscle repair.


Suggested Workout Schedule for Optimal Results

To maximize the benefits derived from engaging in the plank exercise to reduce belly fat, consider the following weekly workout schedule that strategically integrates both plank and crunch exercises:


Monday: Plank Focus

3 sets of Long Lever Planks

3 sets of Plank to Pushup


Tuesday: Crunch Focus

3 sets of Bicycle Crunches

3 sets of Reverse Crunches


Wednesday: Active Recovery or Light Cardio


Thursday: Plank and Crunch Combination

2 sets of Side Planks

2 sets of Oblique Crunches

2 sets of Plank with Shoulder Taps


Friday: Crunch Focus

3 sets of Long Arm Crunches

3 sets of Reverse Crunches


Saturday: Plank Focus

3 sets of Plank Jacks

3 sets of Plank Shoulder Taps


Sunday: Rest or Light Activity

Expert Insights: Merging Plank and Crunch for Optimal Benefits

In the pursuit of a toned, sculpted abdomen, trainers often recommend a diverse exercise routine that effectively incorporates the best plank exercises to reduce belly fat along with crunch variations. The secret lies in not only performing each exercise with correct form and intensity but also understanding how these exercises can complement one another, working together to provide a comprehensive and effective abdominal workout.


With a thoughtful approach, combining plank and crunch exercises can lead to impressive results in belly fat reduction and overall core strengthening. Engaging consistently in the best plank exercises to reduce belly fat, while also integrating crunch variations, provides a balanced and comprehensive workout regime for individuals at various fitness levels. This integrative approach ensures that you are not only working towards reducing belly fat but also building a stronger, more resilient core in the process. With dedication, consistency, and a well-planned schedule, a toned and tight midsection is an achievable goal for many.



In our detailed exploration, we’ve unveiled the best plank exercises to reduce belly fat, each offering unique benefits and targeting different areas of the core. From Long Lever Planks to Plank Shoulder Taps, these exercises are potent tools for crafting a toned, strong midsection. Consistency is your ally; with regular, dedicated practice, expect to witness a transformation in your core’s strength and appearance. Embark on this rewarding fitness journey with patience and determination, integrating these invaluable exercises into your routine. The path to a sculpted abdomen is laid out; it’s time to start walking, observing your body respond and transform as you incorporate these effective exercises consistently. Your toned, strengthened core awaits!


FAQs about Best Plank Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat

  • Are planks good for losing belly fat?

    Absolutely! Planks are a fantastic exercise for losing belly fat as they engage the entire core area, including the rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis, and oblique muscles. Through consistent practice, planks can help tighten and tone these muscles, assisting in the reduction of belly fat. Additionally, planks help improve metabolism, ensuring that your body burns calories more efficiently, even when at rest.

  • Can I get a flat stomach by doing planks?

    Indeed, planks can significantly contribute to achieving a flat stomach. However, it's vital to incorporate them into a broader exercise routine, including both cardio and other strength training exercises, for optimal results. Also crucial is maintaining a healthy, balanced diet. Planks strengthen and tone the abdominal muscles, which is essential for a flat stomach, but reducing overall body fat is necessary to reveal the muscles underneath.

  • Which plank burns the most fat?

    The plank variation that burns the most fat is arguably the Dynamic Plank, also known as the Plank to Pushup. This exercise variation not only engages the core muscles but also incorporates additional movement, increasing the exercise's intensity and calorie burn. The extra movement challenges your body more than a static plank, leading to more calories being burnt, which is essential for fat loss.

  • How do you do the 30 day plank challenge to lose belly fat?

    The 30-Day Plank Challenge is a progressive exercise plan where you increase the amount of time you hold the plank position gradually. Start with a short, manageable time, like 20 seconds, and increase this time each day. By day 30, aim to hold the plank for 2-5 minutes. Ensure to maintain proper form to avoid strain or injury. Combining this challenge with cardio exercises and a balanced diet will provide the best results for belly fat loss.

Michael J. Ormsbee
Michael J. Ormsbee
Michael J. Ormsbee is the editor of Fast Lose Fat. He is an Associate Professor in the Department of Nutrition, Food, and Exercise Sciences and Interim Director of the Institute of Sports Sciences and Medicine in the College of Human Sciences at Florida State University.